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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Business model innovation and positive social impact – Board of Innovation

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The GaiaGo case demonstrates how business model innovation – or configuration innovation – results in a higher competitive advantage than through changing or introducing new product features. These new mobility solutions provided by GaiaGo ensure both financial and social impact. All achieved by using existing technology and mobility services!

  • The complex business model envisages a multitude of revenue stream channels, improving the company’s overall financial performance.
  • By offering sustainable mobility at a lower cost, boosting sustainable consumption and encouraging community-based, inclusive urban planning, the positive impact on society is impressive.

It is at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and the attendant restrictions enforced to prevent further spread of the contagion that the social impact of GaiaGo matured. Local shops required extra support, the need for youth to get around and engage in sports was acute, and being an active participant in the affairs of the local community, is vital to human existence. 

So, let’s look closer at the 17 Global UN Goals that Board of Innovation uses to craft sustainable innovation. GaiaGo’s contribution to the realization of the three targets under Goal 11, (Sustainable Cities and Communities), is evident and cannot be gainsaid.

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