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Starting a Business in a Recession: What You Should Know | Entrepreneur

Launching a new business venture is a...

How Marketing Automation Can Boost Your Franchise | Entrepreneur

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The story behind the iconic viral photo of a man begging his wife for forgiveness outside a Chicago divorce court in 1948

A 1948 photo shows a groveling husband begging for his wife's forgiveness outside divorce court.Insider spoke with a Chicago historian about the subjects of...

Thailand’s extreme air pollution: ‘I feel sorry for my daughter’

More than 1.3 million Thais have fallen ill this year from a spike in extreme air pollution. Source link


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New Economy

America’s $52 billion bet on the chips race can’t succeed without small-business innovation

America is about to unleash $52 billion in upfront funding to accelerate the development of a domestic supply chain for semiconductors. It’s an uncharacteristic move for the U.S. government,...

Get Ahead of the Game: 4 Steps for Assessing Your Digital Marketing Needs –

A digital marketing strategy is a nonnegotiable element of a successful company. Billions of people use the internet at any given time during the...

How to Successfully Ride The Emotional Highs and Lows Of Entrepreneurship –

Contributed to EO by Chantel Cohen, an Atlanta EO Accelerator participant who founded CWC Coaching & Therapy to help entrepreneurs and professionals alike find...

How to Tell Your Partner You Want to Quit Your Job and Start a Business –

Are you considering a leap into entrepreneurship? Many professionals quit their jobs to launch new businesses during the Great Resignation. However, giving up a...


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