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8 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship is Needed Now More Than Ever | Entrepreneur

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Entrepreneurship is the foundation of invention, job creation and wealth generation. Successful entrepreneurs are the driving force behind new diligence,...

Many Employees Fear Being Replaced by AI — Here’s How to Integrate It Into Your Business Without Scaring Them. | Entrepreneur

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. It is understandable that people are generally concerned about automation replacing jobs, but gaining buy-in for the integration of AI...

Was this the Worst Decision in History? – Destination Innovation

Bayezid II was Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1491 to 1512. He worked hard to govern fairly and gained the epithet of “Bayezid the Just”. When in 1492, Spain expelled its Jewish and Muslim populations, Bayezid sent...

12 Ways to Improve Your Logical Thinking Skills – Destination Innovation

Here are some ways to develop your logical thinking skills.Play chess. The king of games will teach you the values of concentration, patience, planning and calculation.Solve soduko puzzles. There are many good word and number games you...

What is Disruptive Thinking? – Destination Innovation

Disruptive thinking challenges conventional approaches, fosters radical ideas and can lead to transformative innovations.  It involves deliberately questioning established norms, encouraging unconventional perspectives, and embracing risks to create breakthrough changes. It is intended to start a revolution. It seeks...
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Joe Biden dog Commander bit Secret Service agents at least 24 times

The German Shephard's attacks caused the Secret Service to change tactics for safety, documents show. Source link
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