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Biden Administration Invests $3.9 Million to Help Entrepreneurs Fight Climate Change

NOAA and the Department of Commerce announced $3.9 in funding for 16 startup accelerators. They stand to win an additional $55 million to support climate technology entrepreneurs. Source link

Can Unicorns Save Us? Investors Pour Money Into Cybersecurity and AI Companies as Threats Mount

Unicorn companies in cybersecurity and AI defied fundraising challenges to achieve growth, driven by hype over generative AI and ongoing data privacy concerns. Source link

How to Use AI to Become a Better Marketer

ChatGPT may have sparked the revolution, but a year later, marketers are discovering endless possibilities with AI. Here's how it can boost your efficiency, accuracy--and creativity. Source link

Kam Ghaffarian’s Moonshots

Much of the American space program is run out of nondescript offices in the Washington, D.C., suburbs. That’s where Kam Ghaffarian, the billionaire space entrepreneur, could be found on an auspicious day. Exactly 47 years before, he had immigrated...

Self-Care for Entrepreneurs: Overcome FOMO and Live Your Life by Design

How a bold decision to pursue a semi-sabbatical expanded my business horizons through intentional action. Source link

Where's My Adderall? Stubborn Drug Shortage Spurs Federal Inquiry, as Founders Fret

For entrepreneurs who rely on ADHD medication--brand-name and generic alike--to help them focus, supply chain shortages and rising prices could negatively impact their ability to perform. Source link

Nike Says Layoffs of 1600 Linked to Reduced Consumer Spending

Cuts will affect about 2 percent of company's workforcebutspare retail, innovation, and distribution staff. Source link

How Brianna Arps Scored Funding to Build Her Fragrance Brand

The Moodeaux founder shares her secrets to landing funding from investors like Pharrell Williams Source link

How the Entrepreneurial Mindset is Empowering Lives Through Organ Donation – The EO Blog

February 14 is National Donor Day in the United States, a day to celebrate and promote the life-giving practice of organ donation. With a thirst for learning and a drive to think big and be bold, EO members personify the...

This Bill Gates-Backed Startup Just Raised $145 Million to Source Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles

Lilac Solutions' Series C funding round included investors such as Gates' Breakthrough Energy Ventures. Source link
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Moment giant Antarctica drone takes off

The first pictures of a giant drone flying in Antarctica have been released by the British Antarctica Survey.Scientists want...
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