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Small Business

What States Are Great for Business? A New List Explains, Digital Protections From AI Theft, and More

An annual poll identifies the best states for doing business, and Virginia has displaced North Carolina for the top spot. New York wins for tech innovation, and Oklahoma is the least expensive place to do business. Source link

How This Biotech Company Secured More Than $275 Million From Investors, Twice

Element Biosciences raised more than $277 million for its Series D--just $1 million more than its Series C. Source link

Living the Roller Coaster Life: How I Transformed Turbulence into Triumph – The EO Blog

Back in 1996, our company appeared in a magazine featuring the fastest-growing companies in Canada. This led to an invitation to attend an event with like-minded entrepreneurs who were getting together to learn, share, and help each other along...

39 Years Ago, Steve Jobs Described the Success Mindset That Turns Aspiration Into Achievement

While Jobs was describing the difference between leaders and 'professional managers,' his advice broadly applies--especially to entrepreneurs. Source link

How the CPA Shortage Is Rippling Through the Startup World

The are fewer numbers crunchers, which is a problem for entrepreneurs. While some lament the loss, others are looking to fill it. Source link

Musk Calls Twitter Stake Delay a Mistake

Seeking to dismiss a shareholder lawsuit alleging he defrauded investors, Musk says he did not seek to buy more shares at cheaper prices after amazing more than 5 percent of the company. Source link

Inside the Factory Turning Trash Into Olympic Podiums

The world’s best athletes will receive their gold medals at the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer while standing on trash. Recycled food containers, to be exact.The silver-colored Olympic podiums, currently being raised across France, were made in...

A Unicorn Founder Shares 10 Lessons on Entrepreneurial Grit, Data, and Making a Difference

The sky's the limit when entrepreneurs embrace discomfort, learn from failure, and persevere with unwavering determination. Source link

GLC Learn Arounds Unlock New Perspectives Via Full Immersion Learning – The EO Blog

At EO’s 2024 Global Leadership Conference (GLC) in Singapore, more than 1,800 EO members from 65 countries convened for the opportunity to learn and collaborate. The program included 10 guest speakers and keynotes on the main stage, learning tracks tailored for...

AI Firms Seek Multibillion-Dollar Valuations

A pair of artificial intelligence firms are currently raising funds. Runway seeks $4 billion valuation, and Magic nets$1.5 billion value as investors make commitments. Source link
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Fire at a Russian oil depot as Russia and Ukraine exchange drone attacks

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — An oil depot caught fire in Russia’s southwestern Rostov region Saturday following a Ukrainian drone...
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