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Friday, May 26, 2023


OpenAI Introduces ChatGPT App for the iPhone

Since ChatGPT debuted in November, hundreds of millions of people have experimented with the online chatbot, which can answer questions, write poetry, draft emails and riff on almost any topic from inside a web browser.On Thursday, OpenAI, the San...

Pixel 7A Review: We’re Running Out of Reasons to Splurge on a ‘Pro’ Phone

Not long ago, there were plenty of compelling reasons to spend upward of $900 on a smartphone. Nowadays, you’ll have to come up with an excuse to pay that much.I ran out of reasons to splurge and stopped buying...

ChatGPT: Can students pass using AI tools at university?

There are fears about cheating, but new advice says students should be taught how to use AI tools. Source link

Katie Cotton, Who Helped Raise Apple’s Profile, Dies at 57

Katie Cotton, who as Apple’s longtime communications chief guarded the media’s access to Steve Jobs, the company’s visionary co-founder, and helped organize the introduction of many of his products, died on April 6 in Redwood City, Calif. She was...

How to Automatically Edit and Enhance Your Smartphone Photos

In today’s world of socially shared images, the urge to post a “perfect” photo, free of distractions and blemishes, is nothing new — the practice of manipulating photographs can be traced back to the 19th century. But instead of...

Microsoft boss: Activision Blizzard deal block is bad for Britain

The software giant's president Brad Smith hits out after Activision Blizzard deal is blocked. Source link
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Inside cabin as plane door opened mid-flight

A man has been arrested after the emergency door of an Asiana Airlines plane was opened as it was...
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