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Amtrak, NJ Transit Delays, Outages: When Will Service Resume? | Entrepreneur

A travel nightmare for commuters struck the Northeast on Thursday as power issues related to a heat wave caused significant delays and closures...

Amazon Swaps Plastic Pillows For Paper Shipping Materials | Entrepreneur

Amazon is opting for paper over plastic after finding it's better for employee morale — and the environment.Christian Garcia, an associate at an...

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New ‘Detective Work’ on Butterfly Declines Reveals a Prime Suspect

What’s driving ominous declines in insects?While a growing body of research shows decreases in many insect populations, it has been hard for scientists to...

Traffic engineers build roads that invite crashes because they rely on outdated research and faulty data

“Can you name the truck with four-wheel drive, smells like a steak, and seats 35?”Back in 1998, “The Simpsons”...

Lokiceratops, a Horned Dinosaur, May Be a New Species

In the Late Cretaceous period, a remarkable flowering of horned dinosaurs occurred along the coastal floodplains of western North America. Two different families —...

Key oil project must count full climate impact – court

15 hours agoBy Justin Rowlatt, Climate editor • Esme Stallard, Climate and science reporter, BBC NewsGetty ImagesUK oil and gas plc said they will now work with Surrey County...


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New Economy

Canada’s productivity ’emergency’ and what’s to blame

Breadcrumb Trail LinksNewsEconomyJohn Ruffolo: We need our private sector and public sector to unite around their complementary strengths, allowing for a true 'Team Canada' approachPublished Jun 22, 2024  • ...

Remote Work Could Help Beat Burnout. But Does That Outweigh Its Costs?

New data from LinkedIn shows that remote workers are less burned out than onsite and hybrid workers. Source link

Some SpaceX Shares Were a Steal for Select Investors in 2022

SpaceX priced shares at $70 each for people with ties to CEO Elon Musk and his companies in a tender offer two years ago. Source...

Katy Perry-Backed Foods Firm Bragg Explores Sale

The family founded apple cider vinegar maker, bought by Perry and Orlando Bloom and other investors in 2019, seeks a buyer at a price...


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